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Radiant article bullet. Searching for the Best Radiant Heat Solutions Provider - Summary
Your decision to install a radiant heat solution is the beginning of a partnership that could last weeks or even months, depending upon the magnitude of the project you’re faced with. So naturally you want to make the most educated choice possible, and it especially pays to be a savvy researcher when you’re considering any home improvement project.        READ MORE
Radiant article bullet. Radiant Heat vs. Forced Air Systems

A room with radiant floor heating will have a very uniform temperature from the ceiling to the floor. Heating a basement floor is an ideal application for a radiant heat system. If you've lived in a house with forced air, you know that you can crank the heat up, but the basement floors will remain chilled. Installing a radiant floor warming system will add comfort and warmth to your lifestyle.        READ MORE

Radiant article bullet. Go Green and Save Yourself From Heavy Snow

We have to be responsible and keep our driveways and sidewalks clean. Sure there are the classic ways of dealing with the white stuff; such as breaking your back shoveling, ruining your driveway and lawn with harsh chemicals and salt, or polluting the air with a snow blower. But what if there were something better, a “green” way to clear the snow and keep you and your loved ones safe? There is! And surprisingly, it's a very old idea - radiant heat.        READ MORE

Radiant article bullet. Make Your House a Dream Home with Radiant Heat (Part I)

In today’s economy people are thinking less about buying their “dream home” than they are about modifying their existing house to be their “dream home”. Homeowners are updating their kitchens, renovating their bathrooms, replacing old linoleum floors with lavish hardwood or elegant tile and transforming their once modest dwelling into the home of their dreams.        READ MORE

Radiant directory bullet. Make Your House a Dream Home with Radiant Heat (Part II)

As you can see, you have a variety of choices when it comes to heating your floors. But perhaps even more important than your choice of system is your choice of system designer and installer. A radiant floor heating system is only as good as its installation, so be careful about “bargain shopping”. Fortunately, there is an established, reputable radiant heat provider that combines competitive pricing and top product offerings with complete radiant heat design and engineering services.        READ MORE

Radiant directory bullet. Make a Heated Driveway Work for You

It doesn’t take much effort or upfront cost to make a radiant heated driveway possible. Radiant snow melting systems are a simple addition to any new driveway as they can be installed before the concrete, pavers or asphalt goes down. But if you have an existing driveway you don’t need to lose heart because heated driveways can also be retrofitted in your current asphalt or concrete driveway.        READ MORE

Radiant directory bullet. Radiant Roof Heating and Gutter Trace Solutions

I recently returned from a trip up to Montana to visit some old friends. While I was there, I “volunteered” to help them clean their roof gutters and prepare for the upcoming winter. While the accumulation of leaves and twigs can be a nuisance, I discovered a more serious issue during my gutter cleaning duties. The brutal Montana winters had taken a toll on the relatively new gutters.        READ MORE

Radiant directory bullet. Line-voltage and Low-voltage Radiant Heat Systems

There is much misperception in terms of low-voltage and line-voltage radiant heat systems. The aim of this article is to dispel some of the myths surrounding the different kinds of systems.        READ MORE

Radiant directory bullet. Radiant Snow Melting Systems Can be Personalized to Suit Your Outdoor Needs

Radiant heat is gaining popularity and spreading by word of mouth from user to user thanks to the efficiency, affordability, and reliability of radiant heating technology. Radiant heat’s virtues are moving outdoors just as fast and users of radiant snow melting systems are fast becoming some of the biggest advocates of radiant heating. Whether you plan to involve radiant heat in your lives inside or out, there is a user friendly application just waiting for you to enjoy.        READ MORE

Radiant directory bullet. Which System is Best for Me?

If you are looking to warm your floors with a radiant heat system and have typed "radiant heat system" into a search engine, you might find yourself scratching your head at this point. There are dozens of products available to purchase, and there are even more companies telling you that their product is the best.        READ MORE

Radiant directory bullet. Radiant Floor Heat Versus Baseboard Heating Systems (Part I)

For years baseboard heating was the home heating system of choice for many consumers. Relatively cheap and easy to install, baseboard heating systems were installed in new homes in the 70s, and without knowing their other options, many consumers have stuck with it—until now.

Radiant floor heating is quickly trumping baseboard heating as the titan of the home heating market. With its superior heating capabilities and maintenance-free logistics, radiant heating is persuading consumers everywhere to make the switch from baseboard heating to radiant heating.        READ MORE

Radiant directory bullet. Radiant Floor Heat Versus Baseboard Heating Systems (Part II)

Radiant heated floors certainly beat baseboard heaters in several aspects, but perhaps the crowning feature of heated floors is the maximum flexibility they offer consumers. Electric radiant heating offers three main aspects of flexibility that baseboard heating systems don't: installation freedom, variety, and custom design plans.        READ MORE