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Heated Driveways and Exterior Radiant Heat Applications

Radiant Snow Melting Systems and Roof Heating Solutions

Radiant heated driveway installation - during and after. Electric radiant heated driveways are rapidly gaining popularity throughout the country as homeowners and construction professionals discover the convenience and long term benefits of these dependable snow and ice melt systems. Easy to install, energy efficient and remarkably effective, electric heated driveways offer environmentally friendly, reliable snowmelt solutions throughout the cold season.

Electric heated driveways are fully automated. The system is activated by an advanced snow sensor that signals the controller when it detects precipitation and the temperature is below 39° Fahrenheit. (This "set point" is adjustable.) Installing a heated driveway not only eliminates the time consuming, arduous task of manual snow removal, but enhances safety and increases the value of your property. The top providers will custom design your electric heated driveway system and typically include a 10-year manufacturer warranty for the heating element. (ClearZone heat cable is one of the most popular and trusted heat cables used for automated driveway heating and snow melting systems.)

Features and Benefits of Electric Radiant Snow Melting Include:

1. Durability - Electric radiant heating cable can be safely installed in new concrete pours, under pavers and even in harsh, high-temperature new asphalt construction projects.
2. Easy, Customized Installation - Laying out the heat cable and preparing it for the driveway medium is relatively easy. (However, keep in mind that all the electrical wiring of the system much be completed by a licensed electrician so that the warranty remains valid.) Electric radiant heating cable can be easily customized to meet the performance needs and space demands of virtually any snowmelt project.
3. Virtually Maintenance Free - Electric snowmelt systems have no moving parts so they are virtually maintenance free. The top systems feature a minimum 10-year manufacturer warranty.
4. Fully Automated - Radiant heated driveways and snowmelt systems are activated by a high-performance snow sensor (aerial or pavement mounted, depending on your preference). When the snow sensor detects precipitation and the temperature is below 39°F, the sensor signals the master control box, initiating startup of the radiant heating system. Power is sent to the heating cable, warming the area to prevent snow accumulation. (The control unit also includes a manual override function in case of snowdrifts or ice forming in shaded areas.)
5. Quickest Response Time - Once activated, the electric radiant snowmelt system provides unparalleled response time when compared to other radiant snow melting systems on the market.
6. Superior Workmanship, Materials and Design - Reputable heat cable (such as ClearZone) is UL listed and features twin conductor with FEP/XLPE insulation, polyolefin jacketing design (for flexibility and UV protection), allowing the radiant heat system to reliably provide top performance during the most brutal winter conditions. The top quality cable is designed to withstand the stress of fresh concrete pours as well as installation in hot asphalt applications.
7. Environmentally Friendly - Runs on Clean, Renewable Energy - Installing a radiant heated snow melting system can extend the life of your driveway. By using radiant heat, you eliminate the need for shovels or snow plows that scrape your driveway. You also don't need to use salt or corrosive snow melting chemicals that can kill surrounding plants and grass. Runoff from salt and snowmelt chemicals destroys vegetation near the edge of the driveway or sidewalks, so an environmentally friendly radiant heated driveway operating on renewable energy will help to keep your yard looking healthy; and you won’t have to worry about salt and chemical runoff from your property.