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The Benefits of Radiant Heat

Radiant Floor Heating Systems are a Growing Trend - for Good Reason

Radiant heat is a growing trend that initially took hold in Europe and is now becoming commonplace in North America. Known for its distinct benefits, radiant heat is used for snow melting, roof deicing and floor heating applications.

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Similar to the rays of the sun, radiant heat warms objects rather than air to create a more even heat throughout your home. Starting with the floor, objects are warmed giving your home a more inviting feeling as your furniture and other fixtures lose their chill. Now the common complaint of cold feet is cured by heating your floor and letting that heat naturally radiate throughout the room instead of being blown through vents and collecting at the ceiling.

Radiant heat can be used as a primary heating source for your home or can be installed in select areas simply to add extra comfort to a chilly bathroom, basement or other cold spots in your home. Radiant heated floors can be installed in bathrooms, kitchens, basements, bedrooms, and throughout homes. The heating systems are very efficient because, unlike other heating systems, you can easily control individual areas and rooms. Each 'zone' can be controlled by its own programmable thermostat. You can designate specific times of the day and desired temperatures to heat these areas so the system is on only where and when you need, making your home energy efficient without sacrificing comfort.

In fact, radiant heat is the most efficient form of heat available. Significantly less operating time is required to maintain the desired warmth compared to furnaces and other methods of heating, keeping operational costs to a minimum. High efficiency boilers (for hydronic systems) or electric radiant floor heating systems make radiant heat a comfortable, efficient heating option. Coupled with a well insulated house, these systems can quickly warm your home and then shut down or remain idle for long periods of time before being called upon by the thermostat to operate. (Radiant floor heating installation tips.)

Benefits of the Best Radiant Heating Systems

Efficiency and Custom Flexibility - Radiant heat has proven to Mom and boy on radiant heated floor. be very energy efficient. In addition to the efficient use of energy and minimal heat loss, radiant heat systems can also be controlled in "zones". Each zone, or room, is controlled by its own thermostat, so you can eliminate "wasted heat" and warm only where and when you need. Radiant heat systems are very customizable. You can install radiant heat to supplement heat to a bathroom or install it throughout your home as a primary heating source. Call a radiant heat expert at 888.488.9276 to learn more.

Health Benefits - Many homeowners tout the health benefits of radiant heat. Unlike forced air systems, radiant heat operates silently and does not blow dust and allergens throughout the house. For those who are especially susceptible to allergies or respiratory ailments, radiant heat has proven to offer significant health benefits.

Convenient and Luxurious - Electric radiant heat systems provide luxurious warmth and operate silently. Another popular advantage of these discreet heating systems is that they are virtually maintenance free.

Fully Programmable Thermostat - Radiant heat can be controlled in 'zones', so each room is controlled by its own thermostat, allowing you to heat only where and when you need. And with the seven-day programmable thermostat, you can program your radiant heat system to warm your home precisely where and when you need. You can warm the floors 20 minutes before you get up in the morning and have them shut off during the day, and then warm up again just before you get home from work.

Attractive Design - The concern for bulky duct work or the inconvenient placement of floor registers is eliminated with a radiant heating system. There is no need to worry about limited ceiling or wall space to accommodate a conventional heating system.