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Make a Heated Driveway Work for You

Say Goodbye to Back Breaking Snow Removal

Radiant heated driveway installed in concrete.Seriously consider a life without back breaking snow removal. Can you picture it? Are you smiling? Well, having a radiant snow melting system right outside your front door makes manual snow removal unnecessary. Not only will you be able to hang up the snow shovel, but you can kiss those bags of salt or snow melting chemicals goodbye. (Your lawn and pets will appreciat that!) If you put a heated driveway to work for you, chances are you’ll enjoy winter a whole lot more.

Aerial mount snow sensor for radiant snow melting system. It doesn’t take much effort or upfront cost to make a radiant heated driveway possible either. Radiant snow melting systems are a simple addition to any new driveway as they can be installed before the concrete, pavers or asphalt goes down. But if you have an existing driveway you don’t need to lose heart because heated driveways can also be retrofitted in your current asphalt or concrete driveway. Saw-cut technology can be used to heat an existing concrete driveway. Grooves are cut into the concrete and the cables are then placed in the grooves. A sealant is then applied over the cable. To heat an existing asphalt driveway, simply layout the cable over the driveway and apply another layer of asphalt over the top.

How Heated Driveways Work

Thanks to radiant heat technology, there is no longer any need for strenuous manual labor or corrosive salt and snowmelt chemicals. Heated driveway systems are fully automated, so feel free to sleep in or enjoy your morning coffee from the warmth of your living room. When temperatures are below a set point (usually 39°F) and the aerial or pavement mounted snow sensor ( aerial mount sensor pictured left) detects moisture, it signals the controller which then sends power to the heat cables, outputting a steady stream of warmth to keep your driveway clear of snow and ice. Once the snowflakes hit the warmed surface they don’t have a chance to accumulate as they melt on impact, leaving you with a heated driveway constantly clear of snow. The snow is left to accumulate where it is more appreciated, like your front yard (optimal for snowball fights, snowmen, or snow forts) or even your next door neighbor’s driveway.

If you’ve told your neighbors about your heated driveway and they still haven’t installed a radiant snow melting system of their own, you have every right to silently snicker at them as you watch from the warmth of your front window as they huff and puff to remove their snow by hand. (Or, you could go over and give them a hand.) But if you make a radiant heated driveway work for you, your manual snow removal days are over. Forever.