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Radiant Heat Cable - Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. How does electric radiant heat cable work?
A. Electric radiant heat systems utilize a conductive material (heat cable) that is embedded in the floor. When the floor heating system is turned on, the energy forced through the heat cable creates resistance or heat. The heat radiates and warms the floor and room. Electric floor heating systems feature rapid response times and are very energy efficient.
Q. What types of radiant heating cable and elements are available?
A. The best radiant heat providers carry a large variety of both line-voltage and low-voltage heating cables/elements that will work with almost any application. Make sure the supplier you work with offers different brands as well as different types of systems. (Some providers only offer one brand and will try to "sell you" on that brand - even though it may not be best for your project.)
Q. What is the difference between low-voltage and line-voltage systems?
A. The main difference between low and line voltage cables is in how the heating cables are controlled. Low-voltage cables require a control box and transformer, whereas line-voltage cables only require a thermostat. Low-voltage cables are not safer once embedded in a medium, and operational costs are not any less expensive. Line-voltage cables tend to be less expensive per square foot when heating smaller areas. Read more about line-voltage and low-voltage radiant heat systems.
Q. Can heating cables be installed in thinset?
A. One of the most popular and recommended radiant floor heating cables (ComfortTile) can be installed in the thinset. In-Slab heat cables are also a quality solution, but need to be embedded in at least ½-inch of concrete or mortar.
Q. Can the cables be cut or spliced together?
A. Quality radiant snowmelt systems come with the cold leads pre-spliced and should never be cut or spliced together. If you have questions during installation please consult the installation manual or call your supplier for assistance.
Q. What is the best heat cable for melting snow and ice in roof gutters?
A. To speak to a radiant heating expert, call 888.488.9276 today.